Staying Motivated

So on Twitter I have mentioned that I started a new “eating plan” and was somewhat disgruntled with my husband’s results in comparison. After three weeks, I was ecstatic with my five pound loss—especially since I was still eating CARBS and losing weight!—and encouraged my hubby to give it a try.

Well, I weighed in with him after his first and my fourth week. Big mistake. I lost six and a half pounds after four long, sometimes challenging weeks. I should have been elated. Hubby? After one week… eight and a half pounds. Jerk.  Seven weeks later, we’re still both on the program and seeing weight loss. His has leveled off somewhat, but he still has lost double my weight loss.

What’s my point? Well, I was thinking how this relates to writers. We all reach levels of success at different rates. Some of us plug away for years, honing our craft, only to have someone, new to the writing front, come up from nowhere and be an instant success, with agents and publishers beating his or her door down to sign them up. Do we begrudge them their success? No… not quite. Just like I want my hubby to be successful, it doesn’t take the sting out of what can… suck.

But should we ever quit? Of course not. If I threw in the towel on my “eating plan,” I would be back where I started. Nowhere.  I just have to remember there are no quick fixes for weight loss or easy roads to publishing. I just have to do the best I can and know that, eventually, I can hit the goal. I’ll continue to watch and track what I eat and someday will hit my goal weight, whatever that may be, since goals always change and evolve.

Similarly, I’ll  continue to write as often as I can, study the craft, read A LOT, and know I’ll reach my own goals, however they evolve. Be it that first publishing deal, the thrill that my story will  one day be in the hands of a reader–other than my family–who will hopefully LOVE it, or the satisfaction of having a line of books published and available for a following of readers who want to read my work. Okay, and ditching the day job and writing full time wouldn’t be bad.

So here’s to reaching those small goals, one step (and pound) at a time!


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