A weekend of camping and other disasters…

Okay, so I think I tend to over think things. Don’t most women? Anyhow, I’ve let too long pass since my last post because I worried I had nothing to write about. Not that there isn’t a ton of things happening right now. Like the kids are out of school for the summer and we have a new addition in our household right now–my mother-in law–who is helping us watch the kids. (Read what you will into that!)

So to celebrate summer, we decided to take the kids up to my dad’s cabin (and I use the term loosely since it’s more like a house w/ 4 bathrooms, satellite, and wifi) for some outdoor fun. We packed up my beautiful new bike…

Lily giving my bike bunny ears

Lily giving my bike bunny ears

along with the rest of the family’s bikes, the kids, and the dog, and set out. Or so we attempted. Unfortunately, my Ford Escape (which is more than 10 years old and I love dearly) decided to have problems with the radiator (or something like that, ask my hubby), and we ended up getting to the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon and turning back, much to the disappointed cries (okay, shrieking) of the kids.

But all was not lost. Since the part for my car was on order and wouldn’t arrive for several days, we rented a behemoth of an SUV, a Toyota Sequoia V8. Massive. My husband loved the size (until we got home, but I digress), and we set out the following day, finally making it to Clear Creek, an old mining town my great grandmother raised her kids and later,  my grandmother in. ClearCreekTown2013

Camping was fun, particularly when I could retire into the luxury of my dad’s house and read my book. Okay, I also went on walks and bike rides, too.

LilyAtClearcreek2013                      ClearCreek2013   Kids on Bikes at Clearcreek2013

Two days later we returned home, one happy family–and dog–later. Until the next morning before work when my husband (who LOVED the size of the rental) backed the rental into his own car in the driveway. Still scratching my head on that one, but he blames the size of the rental, not his driving abilities, of course. (Love ya, hon!)

And so our camping saga ended. Just in time to get an email from my editor with details about the first round of edits/ revisions to my book. His ideas are brilliant… it’s just the execution of those ideas that are killing me.

Family wants to go again next month. I hope they enjoy themselves as I enjoy the house to myself. 😉


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