My Rejection Success Story

My “success” story is really a story of rejection. My debut book, YOU AGAIN, was actually initially rejected by Entangled Publishing’s Ignite line when I first submitted it. But take heart because if you haven’t heard…they later picked it up!

YouAgain (2) (1)So what happened was that in November 2012, Savvy Authors was hosting a special Entangled Smackdown for NANO. I was lucky in that the Suspense line was one of the few lines left that had any opening spots (and the “lucky” part is gonna have to wait for another blog). We were then grouped into smaller groups and we all competed to earn the most points by different activities—but most importantly, hitting that daily word count. Well, after thirty grueling days of getting that word count in and not stopping no matter how much I wanted to at times and how many walls I seemed to run into, we reached the end. And surprise, surprise, somehow the Suspense line won and Entangled Publishing announced that one lucky author was going to win a book contract based on what they’d written during NANO!


*Cue twenty-some authors scrambling to polish that mess of 50k words, me included.*

And guess what? Even though they ended up awarding FOUR contracts…mine was NOT one of them.

*Cue a little weeping, a small pity party.*

But the thing, was, I really liked my story. And I felt that if I could just finish it and do a complete rewrite—making sure the plot points were where they needed to be now that I knew where I was going—that maybe there was something there.

Three months later, I submitted to Entangled and another publisher because, heck, why not? And now guess what? Yep. They liked it. And they offered me a contract. (Actually both publishers did but I felt this loyalty thing toward Entangled for all the coaching and help they gave us authors along the way.)

So my very obvious and long-winded point is…don’t give up. Don’t let that last rejection stop you from realizing your own dream. Because that rejection could be what leads you to success.

If you want to check out the blurb and maybe even buy YOU AGAIN, a romantic mystery, you can access it here at And bonus! For two weeks it will be priced for only .99 cents!


3 thoughts on “My Rejection Success Story

  1. Great post, Ashlee. I’m so happy for you. It’s all about hanging in there and working like heck to make your dream come true. I’ll be sharing this and buying your book. Can I get it at B & N or at Amazon?

  2. Thank you, Marsha! It was your feedback that really helped me make the story so much stronger that second time around.

    Hopefully the link to Entangled works because there are buy links to B&N and several E-stores that I wasn’t even aware of. Can’t wait for your release!

  3. I got it! Can’t to read it on my Nook. You’re more than welcome, if I had any small part in your success. I just think you have a great story and you’re a good writer. I’ll bell telling folks for sure. 🙂

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